MacbookPro Retina with Radeon / 3 outputs detection

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I would like to make a triptych with a Millumin . For this, I use a MacBookPro Retina mid-2014 with El Capitan equipped with an AMD Radeon R9 M370X .
My problem is that the Macbook does not recognize more than 2 screens regardless of the output used ( Thunderbolt , HDMI ...) I make a test with different screens and also with a switcher ANALOGWAY Ascender16 but not activate more than 2 outputs.
I did a test with a MacBookPro Retina mid-2014 with Yosemite equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with the same config and it works perfectly with 3 screens.
I have to buy a machine for this project and the current MacBook Pro are just available with a Radeon R9 ...
Did anyone ever have a similar problem and possibly a solution?
Thank you

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souhaiterais effectuer un triptyque grâce a Millumin. Pour cela
j'utilise un MacbookPro Retina mi-2014 sous El Capitan équipé d'une AMD Radeon R9 M370X.
problème vient du fait que le Macbook ne reconnait que 2 écrans quelque
soit les sortie utilisés ( Thunderbolt, HDMI...) J'ai effectué le test
avec different écrans et aussi avec un switcher AnalogWay Ascender16,
mais impossible d'activer plus de 2 sorties.
fait un test avec un MacbookPro Retina mi-2014 sous Yosemite équipé
d'une NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M avec la même config et cela fonctionne
parfaitement avec 3 écrans.
Je dois racheter une machine pour ce projet et les MacBook Pro actuels ne sont dispo qu'avec une Radeon R9...
Est-ce que quelqu'un a déjà rencontrer un problème similaire et a éventuellement une solution ? 
Merci à vous 


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    Hello @Juj,

    First of all, this is not a problem related to Millumin, since it's OSX that is detecting external displays.

    According to the documentation, the Radeon graphic card can only support 2 external displays.
    We ran several tests with different resolutions :
    - unfortenatly, we're not able to connect more than 2 external displays on a MacBookPro Retina with a Radeon card
    - the model with a GeForce card (650M or 750M) haven't such a limitation : the Mac recognizes the 3 displays @ 1080p

    Sorry, this is disappointing from Apple.
    AntoineM* & Philippe

    PS : you can find machines with a Geforce card on the refurb (link to the french one)
  • Hello and thank you for your answer.
    Indeed, I had not seen the indication of limitation of displays.
    Thanks for the solution and for the link.
    I bought 2 Macbook with Geforce cards, and it's works well !

    Thanks for your help !
  • I have one of these laptops and I can hook up three displays to it without using a Matrox or DataPath. You need to use active DisplayPort-DVI adapters, not passive ones like what Apple provides. This laptop, like the Mac Pro only has two internal DVI clocks, so it can only output two DVI signals (HDMI same as DVI). If you get active DisplayPort-DVI adapters connected to the Thunderbolt outputs and use the HDMI output, you can use all three outputs at 1920x1080.

    Here is a link to an active adapter from Amazon.

  • Hello @MichaelWG,

    Yes, of course it makes sense, now you're saying this ! We gonna test on our own machines.
    Thank you very much for the tip.

    Best. Philippe

    CC @JuJ
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