all media stop showing when one ends (> bug ?)

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Hello Philippe,

I'm encountering something odd, and it causes me trouble.... 

(in dashboard mode)

I have a background layer and one or two layers on top of it, each using "add" blend mode. 

If one of the media in these top layers is not set to loop, when it reaches its end, all my running media in this column stop being displayed. 
They're still running, I can see the elapsed / remaining time is still evolving, but the videos aren't showing anymore, and if they're set to continue onto the next column, and I play the next column, they're not showing back either...

I can find a workaround (setting all media to loop, and fade them manually) but it'll be really complicated to handle.

Can you please help ? 

Thanks in advance !



  • Hello @eMTv,

    I wasn't able to reproduce this problem.
    Please send me an email with your project (only the MILLU file) --->

    Best. Philippe
  • Fixed in next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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