Multiple cameras for live retransmission

I would like to buy (or rent) a device worked by Millumin to put 2 cameras in this, refind these inputs in Millumin and show live on a screen based in an other space (about 200 meters)...
I can use an Edirol, for example, but if it's possible in Millumin, with a card multi input and via output of MacBook... ;)

Thx for your answer


  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    You would need a capture card such a Blackmagic or AJA one. You can daisy-chain two cards to get 2 inputs.
    You can also use a chassis to get 2 cards : see this post.

    Be careful : 200 meters is a long distance, and you should probably have to use repeater. Contact Blackmagic or AJA support to know more, and get advices about their devices.

    Best. Philippe
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