Render composition and output screenshot V2

What about the render composition and output screenshot and the fill layer in the V2.
It was a good way for me to prepare the mapping and the différents mask before to organise the projection.
I've the felling that the V2 is easier for projection lighting desk and other management, and the V1 for creation.
So for my current project i make all  the création on the AE input to stay on the V2.
Allready thanks a lot for your fabulous job.


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    Hello @TAP,

    Timelines rendering and output screenshot are not in the V2 yet. They will be added in a future release but we have no date to provide for now). We would like to improve the speed of rendering.

    The fill layer has been replaced by the color cards : that offer more flexibility. To add a color card, click on the "+" sign under the library and select "color card" then use it as a normal media.

    The V2 will continue to evolve until it has the same functions as the V1. Thanks for your patience.



  • Thank you,
    I'll stay on AE and V2, i'm so glad to use Video, DMX and Arduino
    so easly to go back in the V1.
    I look forward to test the V2+ about audio management.


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