5 horizontal 1920x1080 screens as a single entity

What's the best way to set up Millumin and a single MacPro with a switcher (Barco or Spyder) to send a single movie or still image that displays all the way across all screens? I don't have a good understanding of slices and outputs yet. I know I could use 3 dual link adapters to send 3 3840x1080 outputs and have the switcher split the outer screens up but not sure how to deal with the center 1920x1080 screen since it wouldn't fill the center 3840x1080 output. It would be nice to use 2 3840x1080 outputs and one 1920x1080 output for the center. Can I do this with the ADVANCED output area? Or would we have to build the content at the full 3x3840 width and know that the center content wouldn't be fully displayed? Or do we do 5 1920x1080 outputs (is that possible on a MacPro considering the ports are paired on a bus)?


  • Hello @lauriM,

    If you want to have a continuous movie over your five screens, just plug the displays, create a single canvas and had 5*1920*1080 outputs. then just place your video in the dashboard and Millumin will do the slicing process to dispatch automatically to the outputs.

    Eventually, you can adjust the output mapping by opening the popup under the well (see screenshot).

    Mac Pro should handle the 5 outputs (they are 3 busses on a mac pro and each bus can handle 2 outputs).


    Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 18.08.40.png
    3360 x 2100 - 401K
    Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 18.09.07.png
    3360 x 2100 - 416K
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