Disposition du dash pendant la performance ?

Pourquoi à chaque fois que je lance un nouvel élément, la présentation de mon dashboard remonte en haut des colonnes ?
Difficile du coup de suivre car il faut systématiquement repositionner le dash pour retrouver les différents éléments ?
Merci d'avance


  • Hello @Niakniok,

    I answer in english so many people can understand.

    You asked why is the dashboard scrolling up when you change column.

    This feedback have been reported and a solution will be provided in a future release.
    For now, you can reduce the number of layer by locking them and deselect "Locked Elements" (see screenshot).



    Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 17.52.40.png
    372 x 310 - 34K
  • Thanks Antoine

    I don't understand your solution.

    That make no difference, i'm still scrolling up and even more if I lock a layer and deselect "locked elements" the locked layer disappears  in my board so it won't be easy to screen the layer....

    Maybe I misunderstood
  • Hello @Niakniok,

    Locked elements are still rendered in the output. 
    This method just reduce the number of layers in your dashboards so that you can focus on the layers you want to follow.

    That said, the next version should correct the scroll up.


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