Enttec Pixie Led Strips Driver with Millumin 2 using Pixel Mapping

Has anybody successfully used the Enttec Pixie Led Strip Driver with Millumin 2 ? I am trying to do some Pixel Mapping in Millumin with Ardnet and DMX (to Pixie Driver) and wondered if there is a Tutorial somewhere I have missed?


  • Hello @Lauschmann,

    Millumin 2 works with the Enttec Pixie (we tested it ourself).
    Have you read this tutorial ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks, got it all working fine. Great piece of Software.
  • Has anyone tested this using Artnet instead of DMX? Planning to try and map a number of LED strips with an Enttec Pixelator this month for 2 shows.
  • Hello @ECM,

    We haven't the Pixelator at the studio to perform tests. But since the Pixelator supports Artnet, it should work out of the box with Millumin.

  • any results wth the pixelaitor?
  • Hello @paradezza,

    We don't have any feedback with the Pixelator.
    Maybe you can ask on the Millumin operators group


    Antoine M*
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