Why stream freeze ? [SOLVED]

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I use the software "Reflector2" to stream my iPhone on my macbook pro... It's so great, with a local network created from my macbook pro.
With Syphoner, I put my stream in Millumin. Great too.
But after several time, something like 20 sec... Millumin freezes my stream... But, Reflector keep going his streaming without freeze...
So, the freeze comes from Millumin and no from Reflector or from a bad connection between iPhone and mac.
If I change app with "cmd+tab" (on time for change app and an another time to return to Millumin), Millumin refind the stream... 

Can you say me why and where the problem comes from ?

Thx by advance for your answer...


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    Hello @romaincarlier

    It's look like an app nap issue. 
    App nap is an Apple protocol that "mute" the application when they are not visible on desktop.

    So if you deactivate appNap for reflector this should not happen anymore.
    You can have a look at TCPSyphon page for example about disabling app nap.

    Let us know if it solves the problem.


    PS : if you want to capture your webcam, you can have a look at "TLRemoteCamera". It's a free application that grab your camera and send the stream to your computer (via TCPsyphon)

  • Whoooow...
    OK. Problem cames from "app nap" and so it works correctly now...
    AND I didn't know TCPSyphon which makes exactly what I need... Stream camera from iOS on a viewer (and syphon) to put it in Millumin... Just unbelievable.
    Thank you so much for your help...

    Last question : do you think I can improve quality and latence with an additionnal wifi router like this ... I may plug the router to macbook by ethernet cable and create a wifi network from my mac. Connect iPhone to this local network and enjoy ... :-) Alright ?

    Thank YOU very much !
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    Using a proper router and wired connection when possible will decrease the latency/quality. 
    The router you pointed will do the job, but doesn't manage a huge rate.

    Gigabit router will give you better performances.

  • Thank you for your help...
    I will check for GB Router, but it's just for the stage (concert / live). So no wall or obstacle between iPhone and router (macbook) and a distance around 10 or 15 meters maximum ... Do you think this configuration needs GigaBit Router even though ?

    Thx. Bye !
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    In your case this is not a matter of length. Gigabit routers can carry more data per seconds than 10/100 routers.
    Carrying huge images throughout a network require a good connection. 


  • OK. So I understood...
    I will check for a router wifi 100/1000

    Bye. And thx ;-) 
  • Maybe I'm abusing of your help, but do you think this device could be useful for my configuration ?
    Thank you for your answer !
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    I don't know that device so I can't tell you if it's good or not.The specs says it's gigabyte so it should work but I don't have any feedback on that particular device.


  • Ok... So thank you for your help ! :-)
  • Hi

    Gigabyte it's ok but if you use wifi, you need a good connection. You can use apple airport extreme, I used it with 2 ipad (i can manage their screens by wifi) and i've got a good connection.


  • Thx @Manouche35 but the connection I used is from MacBook Pro... I would like to improve the connection created from MBP to improve rate (data/sec.) and enjoy a better quality...
  • Ok

    I forget to explain : each screen of ipad was controlled by an iMac over a wifi, so I can managed the 2 screens in same time.
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