Setting loop mode

Is there a way to change the default loop mode?
or to change the loop mode to multiple clips (in the dashboard)

I am programming a show with 600 clips and only 5% of the use the "infinity" loop mode whilst most are to freeze.
Is there a quicker way to make these changes without having to do each clip one by one?


  • Hello @TMC,

    This option will be present in next update (in Preferences).

    Best. Philippe
  • There's one more option, that would be great to have back in preferences:
    the default canvas size.

    640x480 is a little bit outdated.

  • As suggested by TMC,

    option to choose multiple files to either delete them or change their mode to once stop, freeze, or loop mode.

  • edited March 2016
    Hello @rolandino 

    This will be available in a future release.

    @Arveen, would you create an uservoice for that?

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