Several canvases and timeline


When adding a second canvas, it shows up in the board but not in the timeline. Only the first canvas appears in timelines.


P.S.: I tried to use the feedback function, but I get an error message when clicking the send button: "Please fill out all the fields, before sending your feedback." ??


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    Hello @rolandino,

    This is the expected behavior : timelines have their own canvas. Alternatively, you can use a canvas from the general setup, but you won't be able to use more than one canvas.
    We are thinking about adding an option to manage several canvases in timelines, but nothing sure for now. You can create an idea on Uservoice to keep track of your request, so we could see if other users are also interested.

    In a general manner, be sure to have read our tutorial, especially the one about canvas and timeline.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : the feedback panel requires both your email (in a correct format) and the body of your feedback to filled, be sure it was the case (we tested this feature, and everything is fine)
  • Ok, understood...

    I thought the upper field in the feedback panel is the title.
    This "My email" is very dark, hard to see ;)
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