Timeline Interactions


I've setup an interaction for a layer on a timeline (a keyboard switch to change layer opacity).  When I'm editing the timeline it works.  But when I put the timeline on the dashboard and play it, and then press the keyboard trigger, I don't see the change.  If I click back to the timeline editor, I see the change there, and then if I click back to the dashboard it updates.  The clicking back to the editor seems to be key.  starting and stopping the dashboard column doesn't cause it to reflect the change.  Is this the intended behavior?  



  • Hello @DanScully,

    Interactions are not copied in embed timeline (ie : timelines put in the dashboard).
    This is something we're thinking about. Be sure to post an idea on Uservoice, so we can keep track of this request, and see if other users are interested.

    Best. Philippe
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