FPS drops

Hi there,

I'm trying to work out why the frames per second drops to 12 in my project, 
and if it's there any way to force the performance to put it back to 50 or 60...

I have M2 in a Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
Processor: 2x 2.4 Ghz Quad Core interl Xeon
24 GB Ram DDR3
Nvidia Gforce GTX 650 Ti 1024MB

I do have 3 canvasses and multiplayers in the dashboard

Does anyone have a clear idea of when and why the FPS drops ?



  • Hello @Matiuk,

    The framerate is synchronised to be at the maximum render speed your computer can offer. So you can't force the framerate to a certain value.

    You can also use the "Optimize" function to be sure that your medias got the right codecs



  • Hi Antoine

    Thanks for your prompt answer.

    Now I have been monitoring the performance of my Mac Pro to see how much I am pushing it with my project, and it is interesting to see while I'm playing the project from the dashboard that the resources like Cpu, System is being used at %10, the ram is using only 3 gb from 24 available and the total amount of CPU used by the user is %30. I know that I have much more capacity and resources to push it more, but some how The software is not requesting it-

    Is there any parameter limiting the amount of CPU and mram that Millumin can take?

    Some editing softwares allows you to allocate extra free disk space as a virtual memory, is any way I can do that with Millumin?


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    Hello @Matiuk,

    Millumin is mainly rendering images. Images rendering is mainly a GPU task, this is why your CPU is not fully used. 
    There is no way of assigning the rendering to the CPU. 

    Did you use the optimize function ? What codecs are you using ?


  • Ok thanks
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