Sous titre .srt


Comptez vous développer dans les prochaines versions la possibilité de lire des sous titres avec les vidéos ?
Ce serait top !



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    Hello @LDaVEM,

    I reply in english so that everyone can understand.
    You asked how to read .srt files in Millumin. 

    For now, there is no way to read .srt files inside Millumin2.
    If you want to had text inside your shows, you can have a look at Glypheo

  • About Glypheo, what is the "premultiplied" option ?
    And : I have to use "color key" to erase the black layer. 
    Is that the only solution ?
  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Glypheo doesn't allow to have text over transparent texture.
    If you keep the titles in black and white, you can use the "screen" blend mode.


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