Media Transition - Reset to Column default?

In the dashboard, I set a fade time on a layer using the "Media Transition" property, which worked great.  But I now want the next column to default to the column's transition time.  Is there a way to "reset" the transition property to the column default?  As of now the previous fade time I've set tracks forward.



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    Hello @DanScully,

    To set the parameters back to "continue", just double click in the cell to highlight the duration, hit backspace and enter. 
    The arrow symbol should be back.

    If you want to remove all the media-transitions, simply edit the board, then uncheck "media transition" (click on the "+" button to display all the properties).

  • I don't think that's working for me.  In the example below, I want column 145 to have a transition time of 10secs.  But the media on the bottom layer transitions at 1000ms (the tracking value from the previous column).  When I double-click the cell and highlight the duration, and hit backspace and enter, I get the same 1000ms behavior.  

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  • Hello @DanScully,

    Now I understand. 
    This is not possible. A workaround is to enter manually the value of the column in the media transition. 
    The idea is that the media transition always overlap the column transition. 

  • Thanks.  That's the solution I found as well.  

    I would suggest (and maybe I should add this to Uservoice), that transition time is rarely a property you want to track through.  I think at least adding "column default" as a transition type would be really useful.  Think about it this way - you build your show using column transitions, and then decide that that in the second or third column a layer needs a discrete transition time.  Once you've set that, you've broken all the programming you've done in the future, and need to manually step through your show and enter specific transition values for that layer for the entire show.  With the other properties (position, etc), you can fix that, but not transitions since you have two places you can set them.

    In hindsight, if I knew you couldn't set the transition time back to the column default, I would have used segment timelines instead with fades built in.
  • Hello DanScully,

    Thanks for the point of view. That could be the subject of an uservoice.
    Could you create it so that we keep track ok this conversation? 

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