Disappearing Clips ! [SOLVED]

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I'm very new and I'm trying to make a very simple live presentation with some clips.
The codec is Photo JPEG, I pressed the optimizing button and follow everything.
Each time I open the project, some of my videos run without the image...
The problem is that the videos disappearing are random !
Each time I quit and launch again after restart of computer, other images are missing...


  • Hello @rvg,

    Are you on El Capitan ? We recently discovered a problem on latest releases of this OSX, that looks like your problem.
    A temporary solution consists in running Millumin in 32-bits mode (see Preferences).

    Of course, we're investigating this problem and a fix is coming. From technical perspective, it seems to be a bug from Apple in AVFoundation (not 100% sure however).

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @rvg,

    We just published a version fixing the problem (v.1.67).
    However, we discovered this was a rare (but existing) issue on El Capitan. We submitted a bug report to Apple (an asked them on different places), and other developers did so.

    Best. Philippe
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