Millumin V02 préférences

Hello, I tried Millumin V02 today and it seems to me there's a number of missing functions, mainly in the preference panel
like the possibility to setup a Default project and others.
could you tell us more about the come back of these functions very useful

bests regards


  • Hello @clodio,

    Indeed, some Preferences are definitly gone because various reasons (64-bits mode, redesigns, technical architecture, ...).
    For example : 64-bits mode and memory-used (because Millumin V2 doesn't have a 32-bits mode any more).

    A few options are currently studied to be reintegrated in a form or another. For example, the "default projet" will be back.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Phillippe,

    Thanks for this answer. I'm understanding, at reading posts in this forum, that Millumin 2 is currently on evolving.
    Very good thing !


  • Without opening another thread since it's the same topic: looking at v2 there are also some UI controls disappeared, such as the ability to define large or small row and columns, these also are gone and need to be reintegrated?
  • Hello @davide445,

    Some options in Preferences are not relevant any more (64-bits, RAM setting, global framerate, ...).
    Some other options have been cleaned, but some users asked us to bring them back, so we're studying this possibility. Including a "smaller layer rows" option (as in Millumin V1).
    However, regarding "smaller layer rows", we provided another way to tidy the list in Millumin V2 : you can filter the list via the search-field, and even lock some layers, and hide them from the list (not from rendering of course).

    Anyway, time will tell how we improve the way the information is displayed in the dashboad. Yes, there is room for improvement here.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @Philippe
    understood your point, just consider  the "small" view set can be useful if you didn't have an hig res, big screen or multi-screen setup, something common in standard MBP.
    In my case on a 13"MBP with just 3 layers I can't look or edit the bottom one and need to scroll.
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