Stereoscopic projection with Millumin and a MacPro

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Hi at all,

Has anybody of you any experiences with stereoscopic projections with Millumin and Mac Pro late 2013?
I just wonder if the two graphic cards AMD D700 outputs the signal frame locked? I can´t find anything about it in the web.
If not, it seems that I need not to start that project with a macpro.

kind regards



  • Hi Daniel,

    take two monitors (same model) and generate a 1/50s flash movie which you play out to both monitors. then you can make a video of the screens (50fps) and step through the recording step by step. 
    In my tests i see a drift between layers in Millumin1 and Millumin2. They want to fix this behavior in millumin2.
    where are you located? I'm in berlin, we could make a test.
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