Combien de Blackmagik intensity extreme peut on utiliser en meme temps ?

Salut phillipe j'ai deja une blackmagik mais je voudrais en utiliser 3 simultanement, penses tu que millu puisse le gerer ?


  • Hello @jerk,

    We answer in english so that most peoples can understand.

    Your question  is  "How many BlackMagik intensity extreme can I plug simultaneously ?"

    There are no limit for a number of card in Millumin. We already performed test with two black magic cards 
    The limitation will more likely come from the number of port you have and the resolution of the stream you're acquiring.



  • thank you, 
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    Hi, just to share my experience.
    I succeded using Millumin with a mac pro last gen, with one Ultrastudio USB3 and three Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini recorder (awesome little piece of gear) for a live show, switching in Millumin flawlessly between all input sources and some recorded media. Total of four live inputs.
    Output were one fullHD projector and two VGA projectors hooked on a Matrox TripleHead.
    Yes, Millumin can be used as a live switcher if you plan carefully your sequence. Just remember to set for each source the "keep hot" settings.

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