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Is there a way to add a text layer to Millumin 2? I have searched and searched and can't figure it out. One forum message talks about a txt file being a media element but when I try to bring in one, I get a "can't import must convert" message, I click convert and get a checkmark but nothing shows up in my library. And another place says a text layer is an option when adding a new layer but I can't see that in Millumin 2. Confused.


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    Hello @lauriM,

    We had such options in Millumin V1 (drag and drop a TXT file for example), but since we released our text-specialized-application Glypheo with more advanced options, this feature is not in Millumin V2.
    However, if many people ask us for this, we may reintegrate TXT support (in brief simplified "Glypheo" directly into Millumin). Let us know your thoughts.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : by the way, you can use both Millumin V1 and V2 with your license
  • I looked at the Glypheo website but couldn't tell how easy it would be to use it to lay out text blocks like one might do on a Powerpoint slide. I need more than a subtitle -type layout.
  • Hello @lauriM,

    Why not downloading Glypheo ? It's free.
    And designed for surtitles (equivalent of subtitles for theaters and operas). Many people use it as a replacement for Powerpoint by the way.

    Best. Philippe
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