Syphoner: How to run two instances of Syphoner at the same time

1- In finder, click on the Syphoner app.
2- Hold command and press D (this duplicates the app)
you can now run both of these at the same time.
Your Millumin project will load only the first Syponer input
because both of these inputs have the same name.
The following steps are also nesacary to have Millumin
save and reload projects with more than one Syphoner input
3- Right click on
4- Select "Show package contents”
5- Open the Contents folder
6- Right click on info.plist
7- Select “Open with”
8- Change the bundle display name to “SyphonerTwo”
9- Save the file
now you can save and reload Millumin projects that can distinguish
the diferently named Syphon instances of Syphoner


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