FPS drops [SOLVED]

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I am experiencing a strange issue.
My project starts to drop framerates back to 15 fps.
No serious effects, material is in photo jpeg mov.
I have 3 boards, and 3 different outputs, so I am using 3 canvases.

If I start a new project, and load the material of one board, I don't see a performance problem.
What could cause this?
If I am playing from a specific board, the other boards are inactive, right?
So it is not the issue of simoultaneuosly rendering all boards, I guess.

thanks for the help in advance.


  • Hello @fancsikai,

    We're not aware of such a problem.
    Please send us your project (just the .millu file) to contact at millumin
    We'll dig this issue.

    Best. Philippe
  • so, probably this is related to graphics performance.
    although it is still strange for me.
    if i have material loaded, then I create a second canvas, it already drops performance, even if there is no material loaded onto that layer/canvas.

    i'll send you the file anyway.
  • For the record : it was an Hackintosh issue, that was been solved by changing the hardware.
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