touchOSC problem

Hi there,

I cannot make touchOSC to work with Millumin out of the box.
I mean, I can teach it interactions, but what I see on the tutorials, like it works right after connecting with Millumin, doesn't work for me.
Ports are fine, I am on the same network, created from the macbook itself.
Green lights flash in osc, so the command goes out, but Millumin doesn't talk back to OSC.
And if I teach simple commands, like triggering decks in dashboard, that works, but nothing else, including mapping.

What am I missing here?
(I am on the trial version on this computer for now, not sure if that matters).

thanks in advance.


  • Hello @fancsikai,

    If you use Millumin V1, please follow carefully this tutorial.
    For Millummin V2, we need to update the template (coming soon). Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi @Philippe,

    Thanks. I am using v2. T would be nice to know in advance that v2 doesn't have the template yet, as there was no notification about this issue and I've spent hours thinking I am missing something. But that's fine for now. Waiting for the update.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Hey there!

    do you have any news regarding OSC and Millumin 2? A github page for all the commands would be great! 

    Or at least a workaround - I can read the OSC messages from Millumin 2 in Max for example, but when I send the same message back to Millumin, nothing happens.
  • Hello @redberlin,

    We will publish an updated developer-kit soon : we change many things to ease the OSC API (so it doesn't require an index for example).
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,
    I've downloaded the api stuff but let me know if i'm wrong there is nothing new in the touchOs folder...
    Opacity just makes it black at 0 but there is no fade out...
    And i'm not able to start stop....
    The message seems fine because i'm sniffing thru max so did the message change?
    And if yes could we at least have the list???
    I would be happy to remake the touch osc layer if i have the right messages to send!!
    We will start rehearsal in two days and i would be oblige to go back to mil 1 wich is sad!!
    Thanks for putting that on the top top of to do list!!
    Best regards

  • Hello @rsonTNS,

    As stated in our previous message, we will bring an updated developer-kit soon (the syntax have changed). But not today or tomorrow, sorry.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi all, 

    Thanks Phillippe for your quick responses and for the link to this conversation -

    I will share with you a simple solution that works with me while we wait for that update to come :)

    May be for some of you could be useful.

    Simply I have an upcoming event where I'm going to have a 25m x 5m backdrop with multiple rear projection screens in different position, sizes and shapes. 
    My video control is going to be behind the set and to place these multiple videos in very specific locations all around the backdrop I need Touch OSC and an Ipad to go in front of the backdrop and position each layer where it's supposed to be.

    Now Millumin 2 is not yet ready to work with Touch OSC BUT Millumin 1 is :)

    So I will create my project in Millumin 1, place all of the videos, save it and close the program. Then open Millumin 2 and open that project  . Done!
  • Hi @Matiuk

    I am not sure I understand.
    You still have the OSC connections once the Millumin 1 project is opened in Millumin 2?
  • Hi,
    I only use ipad for M1, I will have all the layout ready from M1 but I am running it from M2.
  • When I try to open a M1 project with M2, the entire computer freezes even if it is a simple mapping project. Without mapping, it works...

    So what is up with OSC for M2?

    I see that there are now TouchOSC templates, but they don’t seem to work properly for me, with XY values being reversed and things like Scale and Rotation jumping back to minimum after every touch...
  • edited August 2018
    Hello @lpearse,

    If the whole computer freezes, you have a serious problem with it. Indeed, the problem is outside Millumin, but it could call low-level routines that make the problem happen (some hardware malfunctioning, a Kernel or driver issue, ...). I strongly recommand you to run Apple Hardware Test, especially to check if the RAM or the video memory is corrupted.
    Anyway, it's a bit out-of-subject on this forum's thread, but feel free to contact our support via email for more info.

    Back to the topic : since Millumin V1, we provided TouchOSC templates.
    You can find a complete tutorial here, including templates for Millumin V1 and V2.
    Also, be sure to be up-to-date with TouchOSC and Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks

    It took me quite a while to find the V2 Templates, but once I did, I am happy to say I got it working!!! Correct data too.

    Which leads to the other question:

    Should V2 be able to open V1 projects?

  • Hello @lpearse,

    Yes, Millumin V1 projects can be opened with Millumin V2.
    We're not aware of an issue about that, but if so, feel free to send us your project (just the .millu file) via email.

    Best. Philippe
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