Output: Advanced mode, grabbing handles


I have a problem that seems very basic, although I cannot find a solution within the software or here on the forum.
If I choose advanced mode, I cannot move the created displays around and once I create a new one, they are on top of each other.
I could only grab each corner one by one, so I could manually separate them, but they don't keep their aspect or resolution then.

Shift+click, cmd+click, nothing works. What is the trick?

Thanks in advance


  • Hello @francsikai,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We noted it, and since some other users send it us the same, we're thinking about a redesign for the "advanced layout".
    Please keep in mind that it's easier for you (and for us) to gather feedback through the "Feedback" button in the button-bar (it saves your notes, and once you're ready, you can send it all to us in one click).

    Best. Philippe
  • hi @Philippe,

    thanks, I didn't send it through feedback as I thought this is possible, I just don't see the solution.
    But it would really come in handy a lot of times.
    I'll use the feedback button in the future.

    Also, could you help me in another issue?
    I cannot make processing 3.0 work with syphon in Millumin 2.
    (library is installed and initialized in the sketch).
    Should I see the syphon source at inputs immediately after I have it set it the processing sketch?
    In earlier versions syphon source was a layer-based stuff, but now I am not sure what the problem is.

  • Ok, sorry, never mind, I've figured it out, now it works!

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