Millumin 2 VS MilluPlug

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I try to connect millumin 2 to milluplug but impossible for them to exchange data. I am probably missing something, but what?
Softwares are updated to latest version.

I use default config :

Can someone help me?


  • Hello @xenatis,

    The OSC api that allows Milluplug to communicate with Millumin as changed. So the connection is not possible.

    Millumin2 includes an interaction panel that allows you to do almost the same as Milluplug.
    If you want to send datas from Millumin to another device, you can have a look at the data track.


  • Hello antoine,

    Thanks for your answer. No problem to send data out of Millumin2 with data track. And now I found that interaction panel can learn from different sources.
    (It can perhaps be a good thing to mention somewhere that Milluplug cannot work with M2)

    Thanks again!
  • Hi,

    I was really happy when I used the Quartz in millumin 1 (especially the Glitch effect).
    What about Millumin 2 ?

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    Hello @PPHHMM,

    Are you talking about using MilluPlug to control Quartz patch in Millumin ?
    If so, you can now directly do it in Millumin : via columns/states (dashboard) or keyframes (timeline).
    See more in this tutorial.

    The Quartz effects are not in Millumin 2. At least for now.
    Indeed, some Quartz effects are using libraries that are not stable on OSX. The new OSX El Capitan seems to have solved a few issues, but for now, we're waiting confirmation.
    To be honnest, Quartz development has been paused for years, and we're now more investigating on Vuo side.

    Best. Philippe
  • Is there a manual way to teach Millumin2 DMX channels to listen to like one could in Milliplug....I can't seem to get it to recognize DMX input from a LX console, but I'm not sure what the software is even seeing as there isn't a console screen it seems...but I believe my Mk2 is set up correctly.

    Basically I use DMX input to trigger 'Next Column' to eliminate the need of an additional operator.
  • Hello @maxbowman,

    Millumin2 as an integrated interaction mode that replaces Milluplug. 

    You can have a look at this tutorial for more informations.
    If you use LX console, it might be easier to trigger interactions directly via OSC or Midi.

  • I'll use OSC for this production, but I just want to confirm: DMX input based interactions are now not an option, or is it just a complicated option that you don't recommend?  Its nice when doing a show with a quick load-in in an inexperienced programmer (or a crappy LX board) to just have them set up a dummy light on the console and be done with it.  I'll make a topic on the Uservoice if it can't, I just want to confirm its not in V2.
  • Hello @macbowman,

    OSC will be a more versatile protocol to communicate between those application.
    You can use DMX exactly the same way and create interaction to trigger columns/effects/medias/... in Millumin.

    If you want to go with DMX, you'll have to configure your device in the "manage devices" panel. Once in "receive orders" mode, it will listen for triggers in the interaction panel.


  • edited May 2016 I was doing it was MadMapper that is causing the issue...which i feel like has been discussed on there before and I just forgot about it...I just disabled the DMX output to none off the default of Artnet, and all good...Thanks @AntoineM
  • Hello @maxbowman,

    You have to choose between sending and receiving messages.
    You can create a user voice with the "duplex" idea so we keep track of your idea.

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