white line on edge of mask [SOLVED]

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hi all

have a white line around edge of masks. can add a blur to remove it but then it is not very sharp. what am i missing?



  • Hello @rayl,

    I see no reason for such a white contour on masks.
    Create a blank project, and try to reproduce the problem : then send us this project (.millu file + media files) to contact (a) millumin.com ? We'll see if it happens on our machine.

    Best. Philippe
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    hi phillippe

    i had a fill layer reduced in size with a mask that was the problem. when i re-did it at full size it was not there.

    when in a composition when i scroll down millumin also scrolls to the left. another peculiar behavior i have is when i play a composition, millumin automatically goes to the top layer and doesn't stay on the layer i'm working on even though it is selected. so i have to scroll down to find the layer i want. is this normal? i'm using 1.64 on a brand new mac pro late 2013. also is there a list of keyboard commands and is it possible to drag select keyframes?

    thanks a mill,
  • Hello @rayl,

    Please send us a minimal project reproducing the problem : we'll study the issue to know if it's normal or not.

    Millumin follows the timeline-cursor, and scrolls automatically if needed (only when the timeline is zoomed and is playing of course). Regarding the scrolling going to the top in timeline : we fixed this problem for the next update (version 1.65).

    You can multi-select keyframes with SHIFT, but you canot drag-select them (feel free to create an idea on Uservoice).

    Best. Philippe
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