Blackmagic intensity shuttle major problem [SOLVED]

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Hi all,

I am not able to get the live feed from BMD intensity shuttle in Millumin 2.14.

For reference I have tried Pixel Conduit, and I can see the live feed there correctly.
In Millumin, de settings are set accordingly to the camera (in this case 720p50), but I cannot get an image on the canvas.
I also tried with SD composite, and Pixel Conduit still has the image, but Millumin not showing anything, even though it is set correctly to PAL in that case.

I am on a Macbook Pro Retina 15" (late 2014), and OS is Yosemite.

Urgent help would be much appreciated!



  • hello @fancsikai,

    We've tested the same configuration here and it's working.

    Please check that you have only one application using Black Magic at the same time.
    Please check that you have updated your Black Magic drivers (desktop video 10.5.4).
    let us know of your progress.


  • Hello @AntoineM*

    Thank you for the quick response.

    Probably, that was a camera issue, now I was able to have BMD intensity input from a GoPro, working in Millumin.

    I have an utterly different question, probably you could give me a hint.

    If I have a hackintosh computer with both integrated and dedicated graphics, could Millumin use the outputs of the integrated GPU (VGA, HDMI) and the dedicated ones at the same time, to be able to use more then 2-3 screens?

    Or should I post this question as a different thread here?

    Thank you so much

  • Hello @fancsikai,

    Using both integrated and dedicated GPU at the same time : it won't depend on Millumin, but on OSX and your GPU drivers.
    So far, I don't think it's possible to output to both cards because the Mac switch automatically to the dedicated GPU to output video.
    However, if you have a second dedicated GPU, you will be able to use it with the first one in parallel.

    Best. Philippe
  • hey @Philippe,

    just for your information, I am able to use all outputs at the same time with my hackintosh built.
    So dedicated GPU and the integrated HD 4600 paralelly gives output on the DVI and HDMI outputs on the motherboard and GPU. And even the installed Blackmagicdesign intensity pro 4K card's analog and digital outputs work.

  • Hello @francsikai,

    Thank you. Good to know for Hackintosh.

    Best. Philippe
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