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In the new version of Millumin, is there a way to adjust the corners of a canvas surface by actually typing in the values of pixels moved - this was an option in the older version of Millumin, and I found this to be very useful for "nudging" a canvas and ensuring that the bottom corner was equally nudged by the same value.

The situation I use this in is when creating video walls of full HD monitors but then taking into account the bevel between them 

For example in a 3 screen scenario, I could "nudge" the top right and bottom right corners of screen 1 to the right 44px, the top left and bottom left of screen 2 to the left 22, the top right and bottom right of screen two to the right 22, and then the top left and bottom left of screen 3 to the left by 44

This meant I could overcome the fact there was a bevel between the monitors whilst still maintain shape and full image.

In version 2 this seems like it can only be down by "dragging" a slider (!)

Is this the case, or am i missing something?

Many thanks in advance




  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    We haven't planned to put back numerical values. You can still use the keyboard stroke and shift to move the corners by a fixed pixel amount.


    Antoine M*
  • Hi Antoine,

    Thank you for the reply. Thats a shame that it seems like its only corners that are missing the numerical entry.

    As such, is there a portal for me to be able to download the current version of MILLUMIN (1) that I am using so that I have an installer file should anything happen to my machine.

    My work is currently done on 1.64 which I believe is the last version of MILLUMIN1

    I also have MILLUMIN2 but as mentioned, without the corner numeric entry, I am slightly limited

    Best regards


  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    Millumin1 is still available on you have to enter your email under the download section and get back a download link.

    Millumin1 & 2 are separated applications. You can run them both on the same machine. 1.64 is the last release.

    In the next release of Millumin2, you'll be allowed to move the corner pin pixel by pixel (or 10 pixels if shift key is down). 
    This control may see some improvements in future releases, but in most case (beamer applications) it is easier to move the corner with a mouse rather than entering numerical values.

  • Hi Antoine,

    The ability to drag beyond the corners is missing too, which i'd imagine is beneficial for those using beamers rather than full screen surfaces also.

    It does seem that an whilst there are new features in Millumin2 that can benefit "new users", there are an awful lot of the core functionality of Millumin 1 that many users like myself have grown accustomed to that are now missing.

    Although I have not seen much else on the forums from other users regarding any changes, I would be intrigued to open this out to see what other users experiences are of anything that is missing in version 2, and have they managed to achieve a workaround.

    I hope that future upgrades and versions might reflect some of these needs, to get back to the amazing functionality of 1 combined with the newness of 2

    Best regards


  • I agree with SXP.  My experience with V1 is only thru the tutorials but it does seem like there are omissions.  Being able to copy mapping and apply it to other elements is the the most noticeable to me.  Surfaces seems have taken that features place but since you can't use bezier in surface,  like in masks,  it is not a full replacement.  

    There are several things that I would like to see added...  countdown timers for video rolls being a fundamental tool for pros, the ability to reuse masks/mapping on different layers, being able to copy and paste keyframes in timelines and the ability to exchange clips by dragging one on top of another (think ALT drag in After Effects or just dragging a new piece of media on top of another in Watchout). 

    Of course I am a newbie to Millumin and trying to decipher the new version using the old tutorials,  which were really well done, is challenging when you get to the higher functions. 

    I am happy with my purchase and think V2 is a powerful and compelling software especially at it's price point.  I am looking forward to the evolution of V2.  

  • Millumin 2 have been rewritten from scratch. We tried to design Millumin 2 as close as possible to Millumin 1, but we also had the courage to rethink some paradigms, so we could bring some new and exciting features. This is what a major version should be aimed at, and yes, there are some radical changes. We hope it would make sense little by little. 
    Of course, nothing is perfect, so feel free to submit your feedback : we put a "Feedback" button to take then send us notes (this eases feedback gathering for us, a lot). We always closely look at it, despite we cannot garantee that we will find the perfect solution for every user.

    The feedback on the others post have been took in account. 

    Thanks for your patience

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