Video ratio aspect 4/3 vs 16/9 [SOLVED]

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I'm trying to import an old video (DV-format). The
Quick Time is 720*576 but the video is shown as a 16/9 in the QT
player... That's what I want

When I import it unto  Millumin the video has a 4/3 ratio, I can't find a proper way to show it as 16/9...

Could someone help me ?

Many thanks


  • Just to be precise : the aspect of the thumbs of that video is 16/9


  • Hello @Niakniok,

    For now, Millumin2 doesn't support pixel ratios ( but Millumin1 does ). This functionality will be added in the future, but we don't have any release date for that.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    Thank you Antoine

    So, is there a method to display this 16/9 video correctly ?
  • Hello @Niakniok,

    As said by Antoine, there are a few solutions :
    - waiting for Millumin V2 fix (coming in the next update in the next days)
    - use Millumin V1 in the meantime
    - convert your file, so the pixels are square (in your DV video, the pixels are stretched)

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I translated your comment in English, so other people can read it (if you wanna write in French, rather email us)
  • Hello

    You can also use maps points manually to deform your video. It is not conventionnal !!!!

    (Sorry for my english)

  • Hello @Niakniok,

    Lastest version of Millumin V2 (version 2.15) is preserving pixel ratio.

    Best. Philippe
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