Troubles with El Capitan [SOLVED]

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we started a new project with a new MacPro delivered with El Capitan, we have four projectors two on VGA extenders soft edging and two with Blackmagic HDMI to HDSDI, and two VGA monitors so the six Thunderbolt outputs are used.

When we play a full color (Red, Blue or Green) on the monitors it looks ok, but on projection it appears white and fuzzy, the only solution we found was to reduce the saturation.

Second point and most annoying some medias (encoded Photo JPEG) are not playing time to time, in rehearsals it works during performance not, I'm losing confidence !!

We use alpha matte layers to create masks due to many type of projection surfaces, but I don't see any reasons why a media will play once and no more or time to time.

We used Millumin in many situations before, with Yosemite it never happened, we updated to the latest Millumin 1.61. 

Today we are off, tomorrow morning I'll be on location searching for solutions, for Philippe, we are french and perform in Paris.

Merry Xmas


  • Hello @THV,

    Your first problem : if everything is ok on monitors, it seems to be a problem related to your VGA extenders. Be sure the gain of such extender is not too high.

    Your second problem : lastest version of Millumin is 1.64, and be sure you run the lastest version of El Capitan (OSX 10.11.2).
    If the problem persists, please try to reproduce the problem and send us a minimal project (just the .millu file) to (support via email is far more appropriate for your case since we can exchange files, confidential informations, and speak in French if needed).

    Best. Philippe
  • The first problem is effectively connected to the extenders.

    The second is more delicate, by this time we found a way to perform using AIC codec, but it is still delicate.

    Doesn't work with HAP or PhotoJPEG

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    Hello @THV,

    We just published a version fixing the problem (v.1.67).
    However, we
    discovered this was a rare (but existing) issue on El Capitan. We
    submitted a bug report to Apple (an asked them on different places), and
    other developers did so.

    Best. Philippe
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