moving media around on a board

I'm evaluating MIllumin 2 as a possible replacement for my current show software, ProPresenter. More clients are asking about 3D mapping so I need to start looking for software that can do this but still has the media organizing aspects I love in ProPresenter. I see how movies are added to a board and I can layer transparent movies onto a background movie, awesome, but it doesn't seem very convenient for moving things around when the show changes. When I try to click and drag a movie in the 4th column to say, the 2nd column, the icon changes as if it *might* move everything down to make way for the movie to move into the 2nd column but it won't. It seems like assets can only be dragged to an empty column and I can't even see a way to insert an empty column between active columns as an extra step. Is this right or is there something I'm missing?


  • Hello @lauriM,

    To move your media accross column, or add new column, you have to click on the button "edit board" at the bottom.

    Change between 2 major versions, about extending the same media along several columns :
    - in Millumin 1 : you do it via the "continue"
    - in Millumin 2 : you extend the media directly accross columns (a bit like in timelines)

    By the way, don't hesitate to send us feedback (click on the button "Feedback" at top) regarding Millumin 2 (that have been released last week).
    Best. Philippe
  • I figured out how to add a column before the currently-selected column to solve my issue, although I would prefer to be able to just drag a bunch of cues earlier in the Dashboard and have everything move down. I'll add to the Feedback area like you requested. Thanks!
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