Millumin 2 + Live

Hello, who has already tried interactions between Millumin2 and Ableton Live? I have some questions...


  • Hello Silvia,

    Could you detail us your questions ?

  • Hello Antoine, thank you for replying. So I have been using Millumin for years but only for the mapping of images (photo and video); I used to synchronize video and soundtrack manually, or  I pre-edited a clip including both soundtrack and video track . Recently I heard of this possibility to synchronize sounds and video  through Millumin 2  and Ableton Live. Now I have uploaded both Millumin 2 and a demo copy of Live, but the protocol is not clear to me yet. Do I need an extra MIDI device (keyboard) to enable communication between Millumin and Live, or can I do it simply through my computer keyboard? Thank you in advance for your help...
  • Hello @Silvia.

    There is two options : 

    1) You use a midi device and assign the same controls both in Ableton and Millumin (see that tutorial for the Millumin part). That way when you move something on your device, it will change the parameters both in Millumin and Ableton.

    2) You create dataTracks in Millumin and connect them with Ableton (see this tutorial). That way when you launch a column in millumin, the dataTrack will send the midi command as if it was an external device.

    In Ableton, you'll have to activate the device (external or Millumin) by going in preferences->MIDI sync

    For now Millumin couldn't send midi output directly. But you can submit that idea to Uservoice


  • thank you I will soon try and than tell about my experience ;-)

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