How to manage soft edge

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For my next project, I have to use soft-edge with a TripleHead card. For now, I can't use this device with three projectors (I don't know why...)
Did you have any trouble using this TripleHead ?

Next question : I need three projectors to cover seven sections of glass (1 meter by section). The central projector will cover the two meters in the center. But my projection's width is three meters large. Can I crop my central image and use soft-edge ? How ?

Hope I'm clear.



  • hello @PPHHMM,

    Triple head can be tricky to use sometimes. Please check that your device is compatible with your hardware.

    Regarding your configuration issue, I see two options :

    - easy one : The external projectors covers 2 glass sections and the central 3 sections. Then you'll be able to create a multi output configuration. 

    - soft edge : Create one continuous image with soft edge (see this tutorial).


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