Projection through ethernet

I need to know it´s possible send the video signal through ethernet cable or it´s just insane?


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    Hello @Rich,

    For now, it looks like you'll need a video to RJ45 converter to send the signal over ethernet. Or try TCPSyphon.
    But since some of theses devices are sending tcp, this is not impossible that one day we could send the video directly.


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    At the moment the best format to send video (and audio and control and power) over ethernet cables (5e or 6a) is HDBaseT but as Antoine pointed out you still need a transmitter (and a receiver unless your projector natively supports HDBaseT). More and more projectors support HDBaseT. Some use different names such as the Panasonic PJLink but it'll all compatible. 

    I wouldn't be surprised if HDBaseT outputs started showing up on computers (or HDBaseT GPUs) in the very near future but I don't know that there are any out there yet

    Here is a link to find out more information about HDBaseT:

    I regularly send HD (1920x1080) over 200' of CAT6a cable with no degradation or latency. But keep in mind that HDBaseT protocol is different from TCP/IP protocol so you'd need to run a secondary ethernet cable. 
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