Blackmagic HDMI input

I have the same behaviour with 4 different cameras. I load a blackmagic ultrastudio 4k input into a Millumin session. HDMI input from a hero4, hero3+, Canon 70D, Canon 60D.
When I activate the layer, I can see the image on my blackmagic interface but i just have a black screen in Millumin?

Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this or have they had success with gopro's or Canon camera inputs in HDMI?



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    Hello @dodgeroo,

    Do you have an image in BlackMagic Media Express?
    If no, could you check that your drivers are up to date (Version 10.5)
    If you are using the go pro, check that the video mode is at 1080p25 (in the go pro setup and in Millumin). We tried this setup this morning and it works perfectly.

    Let us now of your progresses.


  • aha. I got it to work in Millumin 2 but not in Millumin 1?

    do you know when you will support importing millumin 1 projects into millumin 2?  I prefer not to rebuild my entire show in millumin 2 in order to incorporate the gopro.

  • Also, for the record.

    I have it working at 1080p 60fps @ 8bitYUV.

    Also got it working with a Paralinx Triton:


  • Hello @dodgeroo,

    This is strange : we got it working on both Millumin 1 and 2. There no big difference for BMD support, except that Millumin 2 is using latest BMD SDK, and Millumin 1 is using BMD SDK 9.8 for retro-compatibility reasons.

    What is the version of your driver ? Video Desktop 10.5 ?
    Did you try with BlackMagic Media Express ? What are the results ?

    Millumin 2 will import V1 project in next beta.
    Best. Philippe
  • I believe it was that I didn't have the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video application.  Blackmagic has an automatic firmware update but doesn't automatically remind to update the Desktop Video.  That is where my problems lay.  Not with Millumin.

    I'll be doing a large setup in January using Millumin2. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I'm particularly looking forward to the timecode sync over network functionality that is coming next summer. ;)

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