Millumin 2 and Pixel Mapping

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Hi all,

Looking to find out a bit more about pixel mapping in Millumin 2. I currently have an 88 universe installation that I'd like to drive from Millumin. 

Each universe is an RGB LED strip, 5m long with 150 pixels (ie 450 DMX channels) - For ease of programming, I've just built each strip on a separate ArtNET universe.

However, I can't find anything in the program that lets me see or configure the ArtNET nodes that are connected. I click the 'connect' button and I can send data to all the nodes, but I've no idea if it's in unicast or broadcast mode, and I've also no idea which node is being sent which data.

Coming from a MadMapper background where the DMX output polls the ArtNET nodes in unicast mode and displays them all for configuration and manual universe reordering, I'm wondering if there is anything like this in Millumin?

I understand there are a few limitations to the Beta (such as not being able to duplicate fixtures), but I'm wondering if I'm missing something with the ArtNET config?




  • Hello @Funktioncreep,

    In Millumin, Artnet is seen as one long continuous universe.
    For now Millumin only support Artnet multicast, unicast will come later (we couldn't give you a release date sorry).

    Once your nodes are connected to the same network, you just have to set up the DMXOffset of each led strip. (Tip you can type 1@23 to reach the first channel of the 23rd Artnet universe).

    In Millumin, one fixture could be longer than one universe. So if you create one fixture of 88*170 pixel, it should work in your case.

    Regarding the Artnet node discovery, this is not implemented for the moment. The network interface is not selectable yet.
    Could you create an uservoice for that? So we can keep track of those features?


    Antoine M*

  • Hey @Funktioncreep,

    I'm building a setup with 30.000 Pixels - 200 Universes. I would like to try to drive the ArteNet Nodes over Wifi.
    Did you drive your setup with wifi or ethernet?
    How was the performance?

    I guess you work with MadMapper in Unicast Mode, right?

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