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I'm trying to use Millumin for a dance show created using VDMX.
I'm tryng to moving to Millumin because it can be simpler for video techiciens on the stage...

But I found a big problem I can't solve.
When I play a loop in the dashboard, the loop freeze at each re-starting...
I'm sure the loop itself is good, cause there is no problem reading it with VDMX or Qlab.

I tryed different codec, HAP, AIC, PJPG and PRORES, and I tried on on several computers (all on Yosemite) but the problem still persists.
I tried to switch in 32bit mode and the problem apparently disappear but the framerate fall a lot during transitions.

I tried also on Snow Leopard and all it seams working better... (no freeze and no problem with transitions...) But I'm obliged to work on Yosemite...

Did you find the same problem? 

You know if there is a solution?

Thank you for your help!



  • Hello @clanacav,

    What version of Millumin do you use ?
    What are the recommandations displayed, after hitting the button "Optimize" ?

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi Philippe!
    Thank you for your quick answer...

    I tried version 1.60.
    On Yosemite, I tried on different computers:
    - Mac Pro 8cores 2009
    - MacBook Pro Retina 2013 (with GT 750M and SSD) 
    - MacBook Pro Retina 2015 (with R9 M370X and SSD) 

    The problem appear in all configurations.

    When i hit in "Optimize", nothing appear. Apparently my settings are good...
    My files are in PJPG 75% and the problem appear also with just 1 small layer (1024x576)

    You think it can depends of Yosemite or new Quick Time?

    Thank you! 

  • Hello @clanacav,

    We have been working a lot on a similar issue on Yosemite.
    We sent you a special version via email.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,
    Thank you very much for this version...
    It's working perfectly with PJPG files! 

    However I tried also with HAP files and the problem still persists.

    Anyway I think I found a solution.
    This problem appear only if loops have sound track (even if it's silence)
    Deleting the sound the freeze disappear... and the loop is perfect! 
    This method works in PJPG like HAP files.

    I hope it's can help...

    Thank you very much! 

  • Hello @clanacav,

    You should not use HAP codec in 64-bits mode (and especially on Yosemite), unless you have checked that everything is ok : this codec is very young on this architecture, and some features are missing. More info on this post.
    On a general manner, you should hit the "Optimize" button and follow the recommandations (at least the red and yellow ones).

    The version fixing audio loops in Yosemite would be pushed in the next days, in an official update.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,
    Cool! Thank you very much!
  • Hi guys,

    This is the same issue than described there.

    1.69 on MacPro 6,1 / OSX.11.5 / 64 Bits / PhotoJpeg with Audio (encoded
    using Millumin optimize function from a ProRes 442)


  • Hello @deuzair,

    In a general manner, it's better to write an email to our support (contact /, since we gonna ask you some files and personal informations.
    Indeed, could you send us a minimal project reproducing the project (.millu and media file) via WeTransfert (or ask us our Dropbox upload link) ? Also, please join your system report file (Apple > About this Mac > System Report > Save) ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @deuzair,

    Thank you, we received your files/info.
    This is indeed an issue in Millumin V1, in 64-bits mode, and with looping movies containing an audio track. This is a technical limitation with AVFoundation.

    There are different solutions (by preferred order) :
    - using Millumin V2 (to get perfect audio loops)
    - running Millumin V1 in 32-bits (but there may be a small click at loop-point, just as for other softwares)
    - splitting your audio and your video into two separate files
    - making a longer movies, including the loops several times continuously

    Best. Philippe
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    I have the same problem on Millumin V2.

    Sadly y had no time to loop the videos on a editting software because I must load the files on the fly for a live show, only optimize was posible, and when loops, the video lags.

  • Hello @r4f0,

    We couldn't reproduce the problem.

    What is your version of Millumin ?
    What is the codec you're using ?
    Please send us a minimal project via email (use WeTransfert or Dropbox if project is more than 1 MO).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @r4f0,

    Did you receive our reply (see above) ?

    Best. Philippe
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