Synchronize 2 laptops


I need to synchronize two laptops for a project.
I want to use one one Master and and one slave. 
I'll cue the Master with a midi keyboard and the slave will follow.
I tried with milluplug, Simplesync, osc, but nothing was ok...

Thx for your answers,



  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    You can click on the arrow-button at the bottom of SimpleSync to enter specific OSC messages to be send to mutiple computers.
    If you need a custom application, you should write a simple script : see the developer-kit where are several examples in different languages. Then you can do a baisc hub receiving MIDI and sending OSC to control your computers.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi,

    synchronized two Macbook pro retina mid 2015 via OSC over a Ethernet network, both running Millumin 1.68 . Almost everything works perfect. I control everything from one of the computers that works like master and the other like slave. The setup is simple: I send OSC (native, not using simple sync or milluplug) from one to the other (one computer with Millumin send OSC and the other listen).  There's two problems:

    1 - the synchronization between the playback of both computers is not exactely.  There's a diference that ranges  from 2fps to 20fps. This could be  a big problem if you are composing a screen with multiple projectors, for example. I'm looking the Millumin webpage and the new V2+ can send o read timecode, 
    Theres's an alternative for M v1.68?

    2 - The biggest problem: when I trigger a clip, the playback in the slave machine (the one that listen OSC) start to run not fluently, it's like the MASTER machine sends OSC of the frame that´s playing and it generate a conflict. If I stop of listen OSC (in the slave) o send (in master) the movie starts to run fluently.

    Please, Help with this.

    Sorry about mi english.


  • Hello @nicolasmarino,

    Did you try SimpleSync for Millumin V1 ? It should help you, but of course, it won't be like timecode-synchronization : SimpleSync is simply sending synchronized orders.
    Also be sure, you use cable for your network, since Wifi is not reliable in this case. For much optimization, the computers should have the same CPU, so their clock runs at the same speed (deactivate "Set time automatically" in System Preferences).

    Regarding your system : if you send constantly OSC message to change the time of your movie, this is not a good practice. Because changing the time cannot be synchronous (it takes a few milliseconds at best to reach the right frame).
    So you should rather try to detect if there an offset between the two computer, and send an OSC message it if so.

    Anyway, we're working on timecode synchronization for V2+ edition, but it's not yet ready.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
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