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I would like to send one video per iPad via TCP Syphon (and their IOS application).
How could I generate one Syphon server per iPad output ?

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Je souhaiterais pouvoir utiliser TCP Syphon server pour pouvoir envoyer des vidéos sur plusieurs ipad (grâce à leur appli iOS), mais avec une vidéo différente sur chaque ipad. 
 Est-ce possible que chaque sortie Syphon output génère un flux syphon différent ? Cela permettrait de faire une sorte de multiscreen mais sur différents devices. Je ne sais pas si je suis assez clair ?! Car pour le moment je ne peux sélectionner qu'un seul serveur Syphon sur l'ipad.


  • Hello,

    Simply setup several screen in "Output" popup / "Multiscreen" tab : this will create one Syphon server per screen.
    Then you can choose the right server on each iPad.
    Then, you need to duplicate the "", so you could launch an instance for every iPad. Be careful in your iPad : you may have to restart TLSyphonViewer if the image is flickering, since this application isn't designed to handle multiple feed from the same computer. You could contact TLSyphonViewer developer, to know if they're working on an update fixing this kind of issues.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : because this forum is in english (not all the users are speaking French), I translated your question.
  • Hello Philippe !

    Thank you for your answer ! That's what I was thinking but the problem is that on TCP Syphon server you can create only one output (or I'm wrong !). I can see the Syphon per screen created by Millumin but I can't create multiple output from TCP... Because I want to send ON the ipad using Millumin and not send video from the ipad to Millumin ! For exemple I want 3 output : one VP, one iphone and one ipad, playing 3 different videos !
  • Hello @rlalire,

    As written in my previous message, you would have to duplicate "" to create more than one TCP-output.

    Best. Philippe
  • Sorry ! I thought you were talking about the app on the iOS device... And it works ! Thank you so much !
  • Hello, 
    And do you know if its possible to have several TCPSyphon CLIENT on the same computer ?

    I want to send with syphoner  two differents videos from two differents computers on my master computer with Millumin. But for now, i need to choose wich TCPsyphon client i want to use in Millumin. And i would like to be able to choose two...

    Thx for your help...

  • Hello @theo_s,

    You would have to duplicate the "" file, to run a second instance (for your second Syphon stream).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you Phillipe,

    The two clients running yes, but it did not work. I cannot choose different server in my clients....
  • Hello @theo_s,

    Strange : did you contact the TCPSyphon developers to let them know this issue ?
    Alternative : use Syphon2NDI here, since Millumin is also supporting NDI protocol.

    Best. Philippe
  • There was indeed a problem and they corrected it. It works with version 1.93 I can have several clients on the same machine :)
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