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dear community,

i had a show with 68GB of video footage (ProRes HQ 1080p50). I assigned 12GB of RAM for Millumin. In the osx activity window millumin and the corresponding processes reached 2GB maximum. 
Why is there no display inside millumin where i see the percentage of used RAM for video files?
Whats the exact behaviour/intelligence inside millumin for loading videos into RAM? Does Millumin just load photo JPEG into the RAM? 
I love to use ProRes, and i receive perfect performance with 8 ProRes HQ 1920*1080p50 layers, but i want to understand what is happening under the hood and especially the RAM.
Why is the optimize process for re-encode into photo jpeg just using 150% of 1200% available CPU power with my newMac Pro 6Core 3,33 and D700?

thx for feedback
julian, germany


  • Hello @julian,

    Millumin doesn't load the whole file into memory, it simply loads the portion needed for playback on-the-fly. Loading the whole file isn't interesting any more nowadays.
    Also, the Activity manager isn't obvious to read as there are very different type of memory to take in consideration.

    The Optimize function uses a simple encoder : the same as Quicktime 7, which is mono-threaded, that's why it uses only one core.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    ok i understood. Where do i see if millumin has enough memory or starts swapping files?
  • Hello @julian,

    Millumin doesn't swap files. If it runs out of memory, Millumin will release some medias to load other ones.
    Also, Millumin automatically preloads media (the one from the next column, the ones coming in the timeline, ...).
    Nothing interesting or that could change performances.

    Best. Philippe
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