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Hello! New to millumin and already at work with a big show premiering tomorrow. Great software! 
My question is, is there an option to set hotkeys for the cue points so that I can jump between them with the push of a key on my keyboard? Im starting now to play around with touch OSC if that's an option. Never used Touch OSC before but Im enthustiastic. Any thread/other page with information on how to set up TouchOSC with millumin is also appreciated. 

Much Obliged,



  • Actually, any tips on how to jump around efficiently in the timeline is most welcome. 

  • Hello @Lebleu,

    Sorry, it's not possible to associate a keyboard key with a cue point. But you can import your composition in the dashboard, and choose to play only the segment you want (see Properties panel on the right, tab "Media / Composition"). Then by pressing CMD+K or CMD+M, you can assign a keyboard or MIDI key.

    You can fin a TouchOSC tutorial here.

    Best. Philippe
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