bezier warp/distort for correcting lens distortion in edge blending

I plan to use some very short throw (0.50) projectors (Optoma GT1080) where I need them to be soft edge blended (3 projectors at a time, so 2 bleedings per setup).
I am a bit afraid that these projectors might have some lens distortion that will not allow me to make a very clean blending as pixels will not be in registration for the whole of each overlap surface.
Some devices can do this (Picturall) but I could not find a feature like this in Millumin.
The solution to implement would be to be able to do this inside each overlap, considering that if using same projector models they should need the same correction for all, but with possibilities to modify each overlap individually.
Obviously this won't be done in the next 2 months so what other way I have to do this?
I know I am still able to do basic soft edge blending in Millumin but my idea is to improve the sharpness in the blending areas.


  • Hello @perspixe,

    A solution would be to run 2 instances of Millumin : one for the content, another one for a manual soft-edge (made with the "Soft Crop" effect, and some warping).
    Read this tutorial for inspiration.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks Philippe
    But the soft crop effect does it per video file. My video file spreads over 3 projectors. So I guess I need to slice the video file in 3x1, using slice editor, then move the vertical edges of each slice to have overlap between them. And then setup the projectors to have matching overalps, then warp each to register perfectly and finally do soft crops to blend. Am I right?
    From the mania I just did it looks the way to do it.
    So no soft edge blending in Output tab necessary (all at 0)
  • Hello @perspixe,

    Please read the tutorial I cited : you will have the first instance of Millumin with your video, then the second instance will deal with first instance's output.
    But if you have only one video file, yes, you can simply use the slice editor.

    As you manually do the soft-edge with the "soft crop" effect, you shouldn't use the classic soft-edge options (yes "no soft edge blending in Output tab necessary").
    Also, you can use a black "fill layer" with a "soft crop" effect and warping to adapt your soft-edge manually.
    Of course it takes more time than a classic soft-edge, so be patient and very rigourous.

    Best. Philippe
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