HDMI capture card

I am doing an install where I an going to use millumin to map a the back wall of the venue.

The venue wants to show sports on the top half of the wall when they don't have shows.

All I need is to get a single hdmi source into millumin.
What external cards do you recommend¿



  • Hello @Souzounaki,

    Blackmagic Intensity device should be a good choice.
    You can find more information by searching around this forum.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Phillippe

    I use both thunderbolt ports for edge blending etc… 
    Will the usb3 intensity Shuttle have the same performance as the thunderbolt version?
    How is the latency on the usb3 version

  • Hello @Souzounaki,

    The latency should be the same on both versions, and about 100 to 150ms.
    For a proper reply, you should ask Blackmagic support : they are the only one to provide exact informations about it.

    Best. Philippe
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