Odd PNG behavior

Hi- Has anyone else experienced / solved this:

I'm setting up a mask using a black / transparent png (320x240) and it works fine when I create a new layer and play it. But when I load the project, the rendering of the png stops. It appears to be on the timeline, but not in output. Also, if I copy and paste the layer into another comp, the same thing happens.

Any ideas? It's for a show this Thursday.


: j


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    Hello @goto10,

    It's quite weird. Please send us your minimal project to contact@millumin.com (via WeTransfert or Dropbox if more that 1 Mo).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello @goto10,

    Ok, we tracked down this weird and ultra rare bug. We sent you a special version. The fix will be official in the next update.

    Best. Philippe
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