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I have a simple project with four videos assigned to four columns.
Is there a way to query current column using OSC interface? It responds with an event when a column is launched and stopped but there seems no way get which media is playing (or if anything is playing) without starting/stopping something.


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    Hello @turguthakki

    When you launch or stop a column in Millumin, it will send an OSC message : "/millumin/board/columnLaunched/1" ( for the first column). You will find the informations in the OSC API here

    Antoine M*

  • Yes I know "it responds with an event". Consider this situation: The show is running and you are controlling it with a tablet via the network. If you accidentally close the application on the tablet, you have to make changes to running show to get what is playing and put controlling application to a state consistent with what is on screen. A simple status line like the column launched event sent with the ping command will be more than enough for me.

    such as :


    /millumin/layer/mapPoint/3/1 [120,-160]
    ... lots of lines here

    /millumin/board/columnLaunched/3 [1] <-- Something like this.

  • Hello @turguthakki

    Unfortunately, that's not possible at the moment on Millumin. But you can put your request on user voice 

    Antoine M*
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