Will there be a problem with 22 Layers at once?


I have a project where I will be edge blending 2 projectors to create a 14x6m projection.
The set has lots of different angles & shapes.
Made a smaller scale version of the set & did some test runs.
The artist has never done anything with mapping & his content was way off.
I told him to create a separate video for every element of the set (22 in total).
I was thinking of adding all 22 in a column & lining each one separately onto the set & play.
Do you think this will work?

I will be playing off an iMac i7 3.1ghz with 16gb ram & gt750 graphics



  • Hello @Souzounaki,

    Your iMac should handle a 2x1920x1080 resolution with 22 layers.
    But as usual, you should try this setup before the event. If the performance are not good, you could :
    - select all the layers (CMD+A)
    - click on "Board" in the menubar, then choose "Create composition with selected layers ..."
    - render the resulting composition to reduce the number of layers

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey Philippe..

    The animators 3d model of the set was at the wrong angle & height & he made the content at the wrong resolution.
    He gave me a single file of the final video & guess what… NOTHING Lined up…
    Sliced video into 22 slices & lined each slice to the set… Ran it without any problems but to be on the safe side I rendered it to a single file.
    Lighting guys climbed the truss to fix a light & obviously knocked one of the projectors before the show. Loaded up the saved version before I rendered it to a single file, fixed edge blending & tweaked all surfaces again.
    Played it as 22 slices & 9 layers doing an edge blend all on a single iMac with out any problems.

    Bit of a learning curve as I just bought the software & it is the first time I used it.


  • Hello @Souzounaki,

    Thank you for sharing this video. Let us know if you have a short extract with different point of view (you can directly email us at contact@millumin.com).
    I think it's normal that you cut your content in the 22 slices, as you have 22 faces on your 3D mapping. Of course, the point of view for the rendering is very important, so the anamorphosis works for the audience (from your video, it really works).

    Best. Philippe
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