problem with 'border' effect


i create  compositions with 9 layers (for 9 screens (1,4m*0,4m)) on the stage.
when i use the 'border' effect in the first composition, all is ok but when i duplicate all the layers in another composition (for use the same mapping), 'border' is not all aver the screen, like a bug of 'x' pixels..??

Is anything i don't understand ??

thanks for your response



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    Hello @loopiotte,

    We tried to reproduce your problem, but everything was fine.
    Please create a minimal project with the problem, and send it to us via WeTransfert or Dropbox.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi, 

    i find my problem.
    When i use 9 differents videos on 9 differents screen, the effect 'border' works well.
    It's when i use 9 slices of 1 video, the 'blanking' is over the screen.


    i send you an exemple by email
  • Hello @loopiotte,

    Ok I see. The effects are applied on the whole movie-frame, before the slicing : that's why the slice-editor is "cutting" your border effect.
    This workflow (effects applied before the slicing) is the most frequent workflow, but in your case, it's not what you want, sorry. A solution could be to cut your video with After Effects (and not using the slice-editor for movies with a border-effect).

    Best. Philippe
  • About the slice editor,
    there is stange behavior : we can adjust effect by layer : works great.
    But, very often, i've to correct hue/sat/level, etc... for a media. Or, this correction is only apply on the layer with the media and not to the other sliced layer.

    So i've to add many, many, many layer.... not very useful...

    Something best for v2 maybe?

  • Hello @benjamin,

    As we talked previously : effects are applied layer per layer.
    So you can have an original layer with some effects, and a slice (a copy-layer) with other effects. But effects cannot be shared over multiple layers, sorry.

    We should propose an alternative for Millumin V2, but we'll talk about this later.

    Best. Philippe
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