10 projectors show

A video designer for a big show we are doing wants to  uses millumin, i have used this soft for smaller show event (1-3 projector)

But before agreeing to use it for this his show, he wants to use 10 hd projectors, i need to know how milllumin  handle  mutliple projectors and multisessions on different computers. I could'nt find clear explanation about it on the forum or tutorials. Do you need a new licence for each display computer?

For exemple watchout or coolux software  have instances on main control computers and on other display computers so each machine only has to handle 2 projectors.

I dont want to go   'adds multiple tripple heads' to the main machine has it is not an optimal way of working for big show.
Any advice would be appreciated, before i buy more licenses or go with another soft.



  • Hello @hutchi,

    Millumin license works per computer : so with the standard license (599€ without VAT), you can install Millumin on 2 computers, no matter how many outputs you're using (Millumin doesn't have such limitation, the limitation is only hardware).
    Of course, you can deactivate a computer, to activate another one.

    Best. Philippe
  • But what hutchi asked it was on how using millumin as watchout does.. Like playing different slices of video on different machines and play them in sync... It would be great to have a tutorial about that :-)
  • Hello @sekmo,

    As we replied in your thread, Millumin 1 doesn't support timecodes. But Millumin 2 will do it.
    For now you can use SimpleSync (tutorial included in this mini-application) to synchronize multiple machine.

    Best. Philippe
  • thanks for your answer,
    Watchout does'nt use timecode to sync its players or video, its just tcpip.
    you are saying is to do as most other show players software are doing ,
    i must have full instance running on different computers  and
    simplesync will sync them?  can you manage your sequences and timelines
    from the main computer?
    So that you don't have to log on each of the 4 computers  to modify a video or a cue or effect?
  • Hello @hutchi,

    SimpleSync sends synchronous orders to many machines, but do not synchronize movies over the time. Did you try it ?
    SimpleSync won't manage your sequences and timelines from the main computer. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
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