Composition time limit?

Hey guys!!

I have been working with Millumin for a little while now and this is the first project that we are doing that is in the ~45 min range.
I'm currently at the 27 min mark and realized that Millumin won't let me progress past the 30 min mark.
Is 30 min the maximum time capacity of individual compositions in Millumin?

Thanks for the help


  • Hello @SRad

    Their is no limitation in the composition duration in Millumin. 
    Are your sure you've extended the gray bar after 30'? 

    Regards Antoine

  • Yea, I'm aware of the work area, that it needs to be extended for the comp to be played in that area.

    For example; 
    When I drag the comp play time to its max, it is 30m 0s 0f
    It will not let me even see anything past that point.
    If I type say 38m it will go back to 30m.

    After reading your response I grabbed the work area bar (gray bar) and tried to  extend it past but Millumin will not allow that.
    So far my resolve has been that I made a second comp and copied the mapping of the 18 layers in the original comp.
    Which will work, however if it is supposed to go beyond 30m then I'd like to know what's wrong. lol

    Thanks @antoineM 

  • Hello @SRad,

    Did you change the composition duration ? Also, be sure to zoom out, so you'll see your whole composition.

    Best. Philippe
    858 x 556 - 80K
  • Ding Ding Ding!!!!

    @Philippe Thank you much
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