I'm a new user of Millumin, i want to duplicate mapping of a composition (slice 12*2), for use differents média with the same mapping.

Is anyone have a idea ?

thanks you


  • Hello @loopiotte,

    In Millumin, you can copy the mapping of the selected layer using "Edit->Copy mapping only" and paste it to another layer in your second composition.

    You can also Copy the whole layerstack from a composition to another (cmd+a, cmd+c in the original composition and cmd+v in a new composition)

    If you have "copy layers" (as in the slice editor) you will have to relink them to the original layer by selecting the "target layer" in the right panel.

    Antoine M*
  • hello AntoineM,

    thanks you, it's nice.
    But is there a simply solution to duplicate the whole layerstack mapping from a composition to another composition ??

    I use Millumin for concert and i must remapping quickly all the media.

    thanks you.

  • Hello @loopiotte

    There is no other way to copy a composition mapping in Millumin. 
    By the way, copying all the layers from a composition to another shouldn't take more than a minute (using copy paste of all the copy layers). 

    Antoine M*

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