Smooth speed from 100% to 0%

Hi !
For a show i'm trying to achieve the following things :

I've an video wich represent an elevator. Its a looped media.
- Elevator stop (speed at 0)
- Elevator is going up / acceleration phase (speed from 0 to 100% in 10 secondes)
- Elevator is going up / stable phase (speed steel at 100% during a flexing time)
- Elevator is going up / slowing phase (speed from 100 to 0%).

Actually its quit hard to achieve with millumin because :
- It s not the V2 :-)
- the speed in very low value is very disgraceful (ok to 100 to 0% but 1% to 0 makes a rude stop. I've tried with media at 30, 60 and 120 fps, for the same result
- i've a flexing time (because it's theatre), and i cant pre program it in aftereffect or orther
- i've made some try with vezer with different courb, to avoid the ugly stop but with no result.

Is there any chance to have quicky a better speed gestion ?

Also, i've see that it's possible to reverse speed level with millu plug or other, why do not implement it directly in millumin ?

Thanks for answers !



  • Hello @benjamin,

    In 64-bits mode, the Apple framework (AVFoundation) has less steps for the speed of a movie.
    You should try in 32-bits mode : the Apple framework (QTKit) has more steps (but a bit lower performances).

    However, I don't think a MOV file is the best solution. You should try to create a dynamic animation with Quartz Composer.

    Best. Philippe
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